Patrick has pulled on over three decades of experience in building some of the world's finest electric guitars and is now producing both bolt on and set neck models.

He uses the lightest, most resonant and visually stunning tone woods available, with micro thin finishes, peerless hardware and hand wound pickups.  Limited production ensures closest possible attention to detail is paid, creating truly unique and visually stunning instruments every time.

Macon Double Cut

Born out of a need to recreate the guitar Patrick built for himself in 2001. The Macon has a set-neck construction, classic old school looks and timeless appeal. Featuring a light weight chambered body and a classic 3 a side headstock, the Macon can be crafted with your choice of pickup configuration. The Macon can be built and voiced for your individual playing style.

Macon Single Cut

The Macon single cut, is Patrick's take on a classic and features host of clever touches making this instrument both ergonomically and visually appealing.  

The 96

 The 96 features a super light Swamp ash body and a choice of necks and pickup formats.  This example has our signature, micro thin, grained, open pore finish.  The pickguard is hand patinated brass and every one is unique.  Follow our Instagram feed for more examples of this incredible technique.

The 96 Carved top

Our double cutaway, bolt on neck guitar has a chambered body for light weight and super resonance.   This featured guitar has an Oregon Myrtlewood top and 5000 yr old Bog Oak neck. Order with your choice of tonewoods and pickup configuration.
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